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State tenders and Navalny’s crusades

Another repost of something I’ve done for work (hence the less frank tone of the post, although I added some notes in italics in parentheses). On March 5, the Ministry of Economic Development published the conceptual framework of the draft … Continue reading

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How to Steal a Resort: corruption, Russian style

…How to Steal a Resort, orĀ grand corruption on Russia’s Black Sea coast I’m glad that Navalny is not the only person fighting the all-penetrating Russian corruption. However, the more those dedicated people expose the scale of corruption that is going … Continue reading

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Navalny and Anna Chapman’s The Room-like show

What a rich day in Russia! Following Navalny’s debate with United Russia Fedorov, British The Guardian published an article about Navalny, calling him a “Russia’s chief whistleblower” and a “one-man Wikileaks”. As Navalny said on his blog, the feedback he … Continue reading

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Russia, stop making an archetypal enemy out of America!

… You don’t know how ridiculous it looks. Honestly. The context is as follows. A couple of weeks ago, the “well-known in close circles” Russian lawyer Alexey Navalny, the creator of the anti-corruption website RosPil (the name is a clever … Continue reading

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