Traffic Light

I like sitcoms about relationships, so I thought I’d enjoy FOX’s new flick, Traffic Light. (The website says it airs on Tuesdays, but I saw an episode yesterday, which was a Wednesday. I’m confused.)

The show follows three buddies as they navigate through life and relationships. One of them, Mike (played by David Denman) is married with a kid; another, Adam (Nelson Franklin) had just moved in with his girlfriend; and the last one, Ethan (Kris Marshall) is permanently single (and British!). The show was pretty much what I expected it to be – fun and sweet, although a bit too predictable while, paradoxically, not 100% believable (more about that below).

What I did not expect, however, was the abundance of actors from The Office. Seriously, what’s up with that? David Denman (Pam’s ex-fiance Roy from The Office) as Mike is adorable and very aptly cast. Nelson Franklin as Adam is also fine, although he was also on The Office as the geeky IT guy who appeared in a couple of episodes. That makes two of just five main characters, but The Office actors don’t end here. One of Adam’s bosses is played by Rob Huebel, also known as Holly’s ex-boyfriend AJ from The Office. I think I spotted someone else from The Office in yesterday’s episode, but I forget who it was.

Speaking of actors, the one I really liked was Liza Lapira, who plays Mike’s wife Lisa. IMDB says she was in 21, although I would not have remembered that myself. I know I had probably seen her somewhere, but I don’t quite remember where. In any case, I thought the duo composed of her and David Denman was the best thing about Traffic Light. They are both very appropriately cast for their respective parts, they have great chemistry, great lines, and they are just so funny.

Now to the improbable part. While the show’s canvas of guy buddies constantly calling each other from their cars (also, jobs, homes, and who-knows-where-else) is interesting, I don’t quite buy it. I may not be an expert of guys, but I think that, while guys definitely do discuss girls, they hardly call each other nearly that often. And no, they don’t call each other to share every little thing about their girlfriends. Come on, even girls don’t do that!

That said, I did enjoy some of the clever lines and funny situations delivered by Traffic Light writers. However, because of the show’s somewhat implausible premise and mild cheesiness, I don’t think I’ll be religiously watching Traffic Light every time it’s on. I may, however, catch up with it on the Internet sometime. We’ll see.


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