Putin killed Kenny

“Oh my God, they killed Kenny! You bastards!!!”

Apparently, the word on the Russian street has been for quite a while that “Putin wants to kill Kenny” – Kenny symbolizing democracy in Russia, of course.

Specifically, the buzz was about Russian prosecutorial attempts to censor some South Park episodes in 2008:

More generally though, the catchphrase “Putin killed Kenny” has apparently come to symbolize the continuous attempts by the Putin’s regime to kill (censor, steal) everything even remotely pertaining to democracy in Russia. Amazingly, I did not know anything about the birth of this genuine The Room-like reference until just now, when I read in the proceedings of a conference on Jackson-Vanik amendment that took place at the Kennan Institute in Washington, DC in February 2010, that  Russian opposition has done a flashmob titled “Putin kills Kenny”.

This makes me so happy. It is especially ironic that the story aired at RT, or Russia Today, the PR arm of the Russian propaganda.


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