Ramzan Kadyrov’s dolce vita

Despite being totally evil, Chechnya’s leader Ramzan Kadyrov is apparently enjoying his life. In a remarkable ass-licking gesture,  Kadyrov was the one who started that ridiculous campaign calling for abolition of all titles of Presidents for leaders of Russian republics, because “there should only be one president”. (Now there is some kind of bill about that under the consideration of Russian Duma. Russia is quick to resolve inexistent problems.)

Kadyrov is a popular blogger (check out his blog, http://ya-kadyrov.livejournal.com/). He is also looking for a second wife – “a pretty one”, Washington Post reports (you see, his current wife doesn’t mind, because, as Ramzan says, “I don’t cheat”). And, most fundamentally, he is building a lavish house in his home village of Tsentoroi, RFE/RL reports.

Sadly, based on the pictures that were leaked into the Russian blogosphereRFE/RL didn’t appreciate Kadyrov’s house-making style, and laughed at his gilded inside columns and a cheap-looking doormat in one of the bathrooms. See for yourself:

I just hope that Kadyrov finds a “pretty second wife” to take care of his estate. I also hope she is able to escape alive.


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