HIMYM, you’re not listening!

I told How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) to go back to its roots and stop forcing the cute but uninteresting and not properly included in the show’s canvas Zoe character on us viewers. Instead, what did they do? They keep rubbing Zoe in our face – she and Ted are dating now, what a surprise. But no hints on whether or not Zoe is The Mother – is it really so difficult to give so much as a hint?! One measly hint, just to make it interesting?! After all, that’s what made the show famous in the first place. But no, there are no clues. As there are no explanations as to why Zoe divorced her husband, what she does for a living (she was a trophy/activist wife fully supported by her husband, wasn’t she?), and why Ted is so crazy about her (which, actually, we don’t even know if he is!).

HIMYM’s creators are trying to save the day with guest stars – yes, I’m talking about Katy Perry in Oh Honey – but it is not working, or at least I didn’t buy it. I don’t care about some naive babe with big boobs whom we’ll never see again. And they keep forcing Barney’s struggles about not-knowing-but-maybe-finally-meeting-his father. Come on, just make it happen already, or drop this storyline – nobody’s crazy about it anyway. Oh, what a bunch of wusses. And we’re forced to continue watching Marshall’s struggle with the death of his father – what’s all these father issues in HIMYM lately, anyway? Frankly, I’m getting pretty tired of all this family-soul-searching overload.

All this crap with redirecting the show from what made it successful to some uninteresting stuff we are forced to watch without even caring is making one of my favorite shows meek, sugary, and increasingly irrelevant. Strike two, HIMYM!


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