The Office

As I mentioned before, The Office is one of the very few shows – probably the only one I watch consistently – that have maintained high quality of writing throughout the seasons. Unlike with all the other shows I watch, for example, How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory, I haven’t had that “Well, that wasn’t really anything”-feeling after seeing an episode of The Office. Granted, I have a propensity for absurdist shows like South Park, so what works for me may not work for more traditional viewers. I also like shows where you can actually laugh out loud at a well-written joke, which you can then repeat as a quote. That said, I have immensely enjoyed all six seasons of The Office, and I am enjoying Season 7.

I do think sometimes the show goes too far, which usually means that Michael Scott goes too far, and sometimes it is painful to watch Michael’s complete disregard for other people, like Michael’s “outing” of Oscar in Season 3, or Michael making Kevin eat vegetables – yes, literally – in the latest episode, Ultimatum. But still, I have to give it to the creators of The Office: the changes they have made to the show in the latest couple of seasons could have destroyed or at least damaged the show, but The Office has not gotten any worse or less funny (knock on wood). For example, the introduction of Erin as the new receptionist, which ran a risk of being repetitive given that Pam was and still is there, turned out well, and Erin, so ingeniously clueless and funnily naive, is now one of my favorite characters on the show. Speaking of Pam, her transitions from receptionist to salesperson to office administrator, which ran a risk of looking like the writers didn’t know where to put her, also turned out quite good – and what a smart move to make Pam create the office administrator position for herself.

The newest additions to the show, Sabre people, namely Gabe and Jo, further broadened the cast – and another smart decision to have Gabe join the team permanently while entering Jo only from time to time. I have to admit, too much Jo would probably lead to an overdose or absurdist brutality eve for me. Gabe, on the other hand, makes for a perfect third wheel to the Erin-Andy relationship. My favorite Gabe/Andy/Erin quote: Gabe to Andy: “I asked you if it was OK if I asked her out. You said, and I quote, ‘Mon good sir, nothing would make me happier than to hand you the hand of the hand once in my hand’. I specifically remember it because you said it in such a weird way.” Andy: “The only reason I said that is because you asked me so politely. It was very difficult for me to say no.” And finally, the newest re-addition, Holly, is likely to stay after Michael Scott’s departure from the show to provide for the usual amount of absurdity and weirdness.

The bottom line is, keep up the good work, The Office!


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